Fuerteventura Winter trip with Flow Kite School



A marvelous island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: Fuerteventura, also means “strong wind”.

Fuerteventura... everybody who is kitesurfing or windsurfing must hear about this all year round spot on the Canary Islands and its famous lagoon Sotavento.

What they don’t talk about so much is the beautiful North side of the Island: El Cotillo, Corralejo, and the huge shore between the two cities where you can count at least 200 smiling surfers on the “secret” spots.

The landscape is rustic, simple, dusty by the eruptions of the volcanos, sometimes you feel yourself on another planet… with many friendly surfer dudes, chipmunks, goats and old naked tourists… 🙂

Weird combination, huh? 🙂

But this is what makes it special and unique!


Walking along the sandy coast you will always feel this breeze which is warm and cold at the same time. Like in the spring when going out of home you cannot decide how to dress up for the weather. Although it’s nice and warm around 25 Celsius, you will need the extra hoodie! J  Also, because being close to the Equator the sun is going down incredibly fast and cools down the air for the night.


Before our journey, everybody told us different things about the wind:

“Take a 5 m2 kite with you because it’s super strong and gusty” and “there is only wind in the morning for a 15 m2 kite…” etc…

In the end, it turned out so far that the wind is kind of stable 13 knots almost never gets stronger than 18 knots in the winter time, so 10, 12, 15 m2 kites could be the right sizes.

And If there is no wind, no problem. Find some activities around: diving, cycling, hiking…SURFING!


In general, the North coast of Fuerteventura is not the easiest spot for beginner kiteboarders but if you know how to read the signs of Mother Nature, have some experience on the water, you can have always fun on the waves or find some small flat water spots between the reefs.


Many things to do and we cannot wait to try the famous Sotavento Lagoon on the South part of Fuerteventura! There is only water every two weeks, so hopefully next time we will have some sessions there and write a couple of lines about it.


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