Kitesurf Marsala – Stagnone. Special Offer from Zero to Hero


Kitesurf in Lo Stagnone, Marsala SPECIAL OFFER!!!

6 hrs From Zero to Hero

Kitesurf in Lo Stagnone, Marsala. We came with the name "FROM ZERO TO HERO" after we saw so many happy faces becoming independent kiters after just 6 hours of private lesson.

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It is 6 hours of a private kitesurf lesson which is going to give you all the skills and knowledge to get up on the board. Based on your level, your instructor will show you the right techniques to achieve your individual goals. Helps you become independent kiter, feel comfortable and safe on the spot. As soon as you feel ready to go and cruise on your own you can start renting equipment and nothing to worry. We will always look after you and keep you safe!

THE LAGOON - LO STAGNONE - More about the spot.

LESSONS AND RENTALS - Private and semi-private kiteboarding courses for everyone.

ACCOMMODATION - Apartments and Villas in Lo Stagnone.