How to Jump. Kiteboarding freestyle lessons.Fr


How to Jump. Kiteboarding freestyle lessons.

If you are already an independent kiter, it’s time to learn some stylish turns and try the first basic jumps with your kite and board. Or you want to learn a new trick? Backroll, Frontroll or a first unhooked Raley?

Kitesurf Lo Stagnone Lagoon is the perfect place. Make them easily and add some style! Even if you are an experienced kiter, our professional instructors will give you a higher level challenge!
Most people can learn a new trick in just one hour!
Following the basic step, the learning process can become extremely efficient with a lot of fun and satisfaction.
1. Set your goal

2. Visualize your trick

3. Fail few times

4. Make it right and practice so your muscle memory can recall it again

Learn how to land your first basic Jump.

Jumping in kitesurfing is an exercise that requires extreme precision between your kite and board.
As soon as you learn how to pop the board of the water you will be ready to send the kite up and get a bigger lift. The better timing you get between popping the board and pulling the bar at the same time the higher you will jump. Next is managing your body position in the air while keeping your kite over your head and spot your landing. The last part of the basic jump is to direct the board slightly downwind and flex your knees to absorb the impact/soften your landing. Voilá!!!
When the basic jump is checked, we can always give you a higher level challenge: add a grab, transition jump or your first backroll.

Benefit from the perfect conditions of Lo Stagnone and take your progression on a higher level!

1 hour of freestyle lesson cost just 60 euros.

In the price, everything you need is included: a kite, board, harness, vest, wetsuit, radio helmet, insurance, and free IKO kitesurf license.

1 hour of freestyle lesson excluding the equipment cost just 50 euros.

We use Duotone, Cabrinha and Ozone equipment which are some of the most hi-performance on the market and still very user-friendly so I'm sure you will enjoy the ride 🙂
Our school is located in the best part of the lagoon where the water is super flat and shallow so it makes the learning process incredibly easy.


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