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Webcam Stagnone - Forecast for Lo Stagnone lagoon, Marsala

Webcam Stagnone and wind forecast from the lagoon of Lo Stagnone - Flow kite school Marsala.

Here are a few tips on how to read the forecast like a local.

Sicily is one of the best places for kiteboarding all over Europe with a season of more than 8 months.

The best about the spot of Lo Stagnone is that any wind direction works perfectly, and you can kite safely inside the lagoon. The other thing to know is that even with nothing in the forecast, the wind eventually comes every day for at least a couple of hours. And if you need a light wind kite, door board, or strapless surfboard for those light wind days you can always come rent and try the new Duotone Juice, Reedin  HTF-LW, or Airrush one strut kite.


  • Spring Time: March to June. Every day wind. Normally stronger than the summer and often comes from different directions. The common directions are south, southwest, west, northwest, and north.
  • Summer Time: June to September. The wind is here on most days, or at least every afternoon. Sunny all day long with stable weather and thermal winds from West to North. Softer in the morning and stronger in the afternoon. Usually, starts from 10-11 am with 10 knots and can pick up to 15-20 knots in the afternoon.
  • Autumn Time: September to the end of November. Nearly every day, the wind is rather strong and often comes from different directions. Mainly from the South, West, and North.

Common winds

    • The South wind is the strongest. Mainly coming in spring and autumn. Generally comes stronger than what the forecasts show especially with a clear sky. It can be gusty when it's cloudy.
    • The West wind is Stronger in the spring and autumn and light in the summer. No thermal effect with the west wind. The forecast is quite accurate for the west wind.
    • The North wind is the most stable. It comes with a strong thermal effect and perfect flat water. If clear sky and north wind direction for sure it will be a great wind from 11 am to 5-7 pm.





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