Kitesurf Sicilia Stagnone summer 2022. The best spot for beginners in Europe.

Kitesurf Sicilia Stagnone summer 2022. The best spot for beginners in Europe.

Kitesurf Sicilia Stagnone is probably the best beginner spot in Europe. It's a huge lagoon with flat and shallow water everywhere. Summer season 2022 is on. The summer thermal wind is very stable and blows every day from 11 am to sunset.

Take a kitesurf course and have fun on your summer holidays in Sicilia, Stagnone.

The 2022 Summer in Sicilia is already on. For those who haven't heard about the spot. It is an enormous lagoon called Lo Stagnone on the west coast of Sicily between Marsala and Trapani. The special thing about it is the shallow, flat water on more than 2000 hectares! The best kitesurf spot from heaven, we would say 🙂

Khe Kitesurf Lo Stagnone Lagoon is the best spot in Sicilia and Probably all over Europe. It's Also top 5 worldwide.

Join us and have fun kitesurfing with the help of our professional IKO and VDWS certificated instructors and perfect conditions. Enjoy the warm, flat water in the Stagnone lagoon and learn with the latest material from Duotone and Cabrinha.

The weather is ideal for kitesurfing all the time. From the beginning of June all the way to the end of September the weather and the water is pretty warm no need for wetsuits.

Imagine a place where you can always stand up in the water with your kite, easy to relaunch, and the instructor next to you at all times.

Why not make your lessons more effective and progressive?

With these special conditions, and our professional help we guarantee you will be cruising with your kiteboard in no time.

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Need a place to stay?
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Accommodation in Lo Stagnone Marsala with Flow Kitesurf Apartment.

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Kitesurf lessons and rentals with the latest equipment from Duotone and Cabrinha

Learning how to kitesurf can not get any easier than this. Due to the flat and shallow water, the conditions are very easy and learning is safer and much faster than in other spots.
Most people here start riding in just a few hours and most of them become independent between 6 to 9 hrs.

As soon as feel confident kiting on your own you can rent equipment.
And nothing to worry about. We will always look after you, and help you even when you rent.
Basically free supervision after the lessons.

Later on, if you want to learn some fancy transitions or how to jump you can take an hour of a private lesson.

Or do you want to learn a new trick? Backroll, front roll, or a first unhooked raley? Kitesurf Lo Stagnone Lagoon is the perfect place. Make them easily and add some style! Even if you are an experienced kiter, our instructors will give you a higher-level challenge!