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Kitesurf offer in Lo Stagnone - Sicily.
Best spot for the summer in Europe.

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Kitesurf offer, courses from beginner to advanced, Rental with the latest gear of North Kiteboarding - Duotone and Ozone. Accommodation and a professional, friendly team! Lo Stagnone is a lagoon with huge, shallow water. Perfect to learn and to progress.

In the lessons, everything you need is included: a kite, board, harness, wetsuit, radio helmet, insurance, and IKO kitesurf license.

We use North Kiteboarding(Duotone) and Ozone equipment which is one the most hi performance on the market and still very user-friendly so I'm sure she will enjoy the ride 🙂


Our school is located in the best part of the lagoon where the water is super flat and shallow so it makes the learning process incredibly easy.