Doutone is the new North Kiteboarding


Duotone! New winds blowing from Boards and More?

The company that made North Kiteboarding, is launching a totally new brand Duotone on 1st of August 2018.
Yes, the news is true. Our favorite kites: Dice, Neo, Rebel, and Vegas are becoming Duotone. The new kitesurf brand will represent authenticity and offer high-quality products with the same engineering, designer team and all the knowledge acquired by "Boards & More" over the years.

Fans, nothing to worry about: the new kites are available from August-October! Love the superior quality, not the name!

THE LAGOON - LO STAGNONE - More about the spot.

LESSONS AND RENTALS - Private and semi-private kiteboarding courses for everyone.

ACCOMMODATION - Apartments and Villas in Lo Stagnone.